The Ancient Greek Underworld

Sun class pupils did an amazing job representing the Greek Underworld in model form.  They researched information about Hades and used an impressive amount of detail in their models. 


Toilet Twinning

The charity officers and ambassadors did a great job organising this day to raise money for a block of toilets for a school in a developing country which will make a huge difference to many lives.  They presented an excellent assembly this morning about the charity.  


Sun class pupils have been carrying out an investigation into how close a text can be to our eyes before it becomes blurry and out of focus. They are learning about how the eye works and what happens when light enters the eye.  

Sports Hall Athletics Final

So proud of our athletics team who came fourth in the Harrogate school’s Athletics final – they were only beaten by much larger schools and the attitude and effort put in by every child was amazing. Fantastic effort All Saints – you are, in my eyes, all champions!